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    All Mario games are whored out beyoned believe. However, they are fun and charming, and a good time waster. I still buy them so.... yeah.

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    I'm sure we could all name a whole ton of franchises that have become stale for a long time now, and Mario can easily be thrown into that mix. But even despite the same old formula, the same cheesy voicing, the non existant plot, there is just this charm somewhere about it, that allows it to continue to do so well.

    It's just now become one of the those franchises that you know you are constantly going to see at least once a year. And the franchise has become so big, (just ask a lot of people outside gaming about Mario, and they would know who he is I imagine), that Nintendo would be rather foolish to end up dropping him altogether.

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    The staleness of the 2D games isn't so much caused by a decrease in quality but the fact that there are just more being released recently. Galaxy 2 also suffered from the fact that it was the first sequel to a 3D Mario game thus denying it the leap forward that is the tradition for them beginning way back with Mario 64.

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    MAn, why is everybody picking on me? lol What did I ever do to you?!

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    I agree that the games are repetitive but for me personally they aren't stale, and won't ever be. With Mario, Nintendo produce that sort of charm and pure fun that just never gets old for me. And it's unmatched by pretty much everyone else - especially on handhelds. So I really don't mind that they're not shaking things up (especially if "shaking things up" meant giving Mario a dark complicated backstory, making him look gritty/frown all the time, and putting a gun in his hand ). Take New Super Mario Bros. 2, it's pretty much identical to its DS counterpart, but with (a lot of) extra coins. But it still puts a smile on my face when I play, and with these sort of games that really is the whole point.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Shy Wolf View Post
    Even Pokemon, my favorite serie game, is getting stale. Below is why I think this:

    In each version happens always the same events:

    - 8 gym leanders
    - 3 starters Pokemon (grass, fire or water)
    - Elite Four and Champion in the final of the main history
    - last cave is always named as Victory Road
    - every second city visited has a Trainer's School
    - battle tower in the two first versions and battle frontier in the third.
    - Champion is met during the game instead only after Elite Four
    - the event involving the legendary of the version happens between seventh and eight gym

    I think these are some of the features that have become standard on Pokémon games. Why can they make a bit different? For example, the event involving legendary could happen right after third gym and get solved before fourth gym? And why there are so many caves named Victory Road? They should each has its own name. And fighting the Champion is not more that mysterious once you meet him (or her) before reaching Elite Four.

    And, have the professors of the regions talked with each other to have only three starters Pokemons availabe to beginner players?

    These are just to reflect my thought. Hope you understand it.

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    Mario has become stale like Metroid, Zelda, Pokémon.

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    Yet all those franchises have managed to run for well over a decade each, so clearly Nintendo are doing something right, and they aren't the only ones.

    Heck I'm sure we all have played a franchise that probably might have run its course recently, but that doesn't stop us from loving them still.

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    Mario has been around since the 80's, why would Nintendo ever stop now making games for their most beloved icon? I personally think Mario has become one of the most blandest, uninteresting video game characters of the last decade.

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    Mario has been boring for a long while now,bar Galaxy 2,and 3D Land.

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