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    I agree partly Raw.

    I lost interest in the Mario's after Mario 3.... Yes I even disliked Mario 64!!
    To me (much the same as Sonic) I think Mario belongs in the 2D platformer world, Its what it is and in my mind always should be.

    Dont get me wrong, I still enjoy the modern Mario Karts and I think new Super Mario Bros was a great game. I also like March of the Mini's but as you will all notice with the exception of the Kart games these are all 2Dish games.

    I just cant enjoy Mario in a 3D perspective it just doesn't swing with me. I dont know why, Guess ime just old and miserable....

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    I for one, enjoy abusing the power-ups and those stingy little ashole Goombas that try to kill me all the time. How do ya like me now Goomba! I GOT THE GIANT MUSHROOM MUAHAHAHAHA!
    X before P except after Wii..
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    Gotta love it when new members come along and dig up these threads!

    Thanks Boss!
    And thanks Eclair- without whom this image would be tiny

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    I would love to play some more Mario games, I haven't played one properly since Mario 64. But seeing as I have never wanted a Wii and grew out of hand held gaming I haven't been able too.

    I picked up Sonic Generation earlier this year because I missed simple platformers, and loved it.

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    jump dodge jump win

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    Mario is hit or miss. Personally, I see the games like New Super Mario Bros. as getting distasteful as it feels like the same game, but adding small little trinkets to it to make it look nicer. The games like galaxy, sunshine, etc always feel fresh. I see the difference between the two as one is adding little belles and whistles to make it seem new, but the other is taking new mechanics and rearranging the format of how Mario platforms his way around.

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