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    Sonic the Fighters - XBLA - PSN

    Note: This is a review of the recent port for Xbox Live Arcade and PSN

    Iíve been a fan of fighting games for a long time and Sonic the Fighters was always one I shunned. It felt loose, the arcade mode was too cruel and a lot of wins felt like it was down to luck. It was one game I would try to ignore on the Sonic Gems Collection. Now with this port onto consoles have they improved on their mistakes?

    There is a brief story to Fighters. Dr ďRobotonicĒ has constructed the Death Egg mk II and threatens to take over the world. Tails has made a rocket which will fly to the Death Egg but it only has one seat and must be powered by all 8 Chaos Emeralds. With the cast of characters all holding one each, a fighting tournament is held to decide who will face Dr Robotonic. Story in fighting games never really matter, but this one is strange. Not only did they spell ďRobotnikĒ wrong they also had 8 Chaos Emeralds instead of 7. Also if Sonic can transform into Super Sonic with all the emeralds then the rocket ship isnít necessary. Iím going into too much detail here, as fighting game storylines are at most times awful, but the storyline is questionable.

    The game plays just like your average 1v1 3D fighter. You have only 3 buttons Punches, Kicks and Guard, much like Virtua Fighter. In fact this game is pretty much Virtua Fighter. Same button inputs and quite a complexity of moves with just these 3 buttons.
    While itís a little disappointing that it is just Virtua Fighter, this game does however come across a lot easier to play. What Fighters doesnít come up in originality is does well in getting you into the game. Attack commands, while they are simplistic, are easy to pull off and can be effective.
    One thing in this game which does make you decide on your offence and defence is Blocking. In a normal game of Fighters you have 5 barriers which when activated can withstand any attack which isnít a grab. However these barriers can be broken, so you canít be too defensive as once all your barriers are gone you canít block at all. This may be a little bit annoying to some players but I think itís a mechanic which does push you a little bit more to being more offensive.

    The playable characters in this game are Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Rosy (Amy), Espio (Knuckles Chaotix), Fang the Sniper/Nack the Weasel (from Sonic Triple Trouble) and new brand new characters Bark the Polar Bear and Bean the Dynamite (who is loosely based off Dynamite Dux). Itís great to see characters from a range of classic era Sonic games. Knuckles Chaotix and Triple Trouble are unsung Sonic games and itís good to see representatives from there. Both Bark and Bean fit really well with the rest of the cast and I would have like to have seen them in later games, but alas. Overall the character roster is good.
    Itís somewhat safe to say that the roster is balanced. All characters play differently so itís a case of finding out their strengths and weaknesses. Bark for instance is the grapple character so while he excels in shoat range attacks, he is very slow and does not do well against long range attacks. There are a few unbalanced moves Iíve noticed. Sonic has a 5 hit punch combo which if the opponent is caught in the combo and then tries to hold block the last hit will break a barrier. Overall balance is there, you just need to get to know what the other characters are like to play against.

    For visuals all there is to look at is the stages and character models. There are 10 stages in this game, one for each character and the 2 boss characters. Flying Carpet (Rosy), Casino Night (Fang) and Giant Wing (Sonic) are my favourite stages because of how they look. My least favourites would have to be Aurora Icefield (Bark) and Canyon Cruise (Tails) for just how basic and uninteresting they both look. Another thing Iím not too keen on the stages is how nothing really happens in them. The only difference between the stages is just how they look and the music.
    What I like about the character models is how well they look in comparison with the 2D games. The overall graphics have been updated (I would show you but it's hard to find decent screenshots of the HD port) and they look a lot more colourful. It certainly looks better than before where it felt dry and bland in some areas.

    The music of this game, I must confess, is some of the best Sonic music out there. The Fighters never had a great reputation back in the day but the music is fantastic and really underappreciated. The music not only is great for a fighting game in general but it suits the stage it represents and the character for that stage really well. My favourite one would definitely have to be Aurora Icefieldís music. Itís probably the most uninteresting stage but this music, in my opinion, redeems the stage entirely.

    One of the best thing about this game would have to be the price tag. 400 Microsoft points is practically a steal for this game. While yes this game is very simplistic and maybe your interest for the game dies down after a while, you only spent about tree fiddy on this game. Itís very safe to say you get what your moneyís worth.
    The only thing thatís easier to than this game is the achievements/trophies. Very easy achievements which you could probably get 100% on one arcade run. You can do it all on easy mode and you donít even need to beat the arcade fully to get them, just up to stage 7. Even if the game doesnít tickle your fancy itís still an easy 100%.

    This game also features a very basic online mode. You sign in, find somebody, beat them up/get beaten up and thatís it. Other than getting battles points to show off how many games you've won thereís not a lot of depth to the online mode. Itís just a quick to set up, hassle free online mode which admittedly can get addicting at times.
    One last thing to note about the online it that it has a netcode which is almost perfect. Literally no delay, nor lag, no hassle whatsoever. Iíve played with a couple of people over in Australia and there were a couple of hiccups, but nothing seriously disastrous.


    If there is one word to describe Sonic the Fighters it would be ďeasyĒ. Itís easy to get into, easy to find a character to enjoy, easy to find an online game, easy to get all achievements and easy to sacrifice tree fiddy just to give it a go. Itís certainly not the flashiest fighter out there, but as a fighting game enthusiast I recommend it if itís your first outing into fighting games.

    + Easy to pick up and play
    + Kickass music
    + You get what your moneyís worth
    + Near flawless netcode
    - Some stages look uninteresting
    - Some cheap moves can be found

    (7's Are games which games while can be fun you will definitely see it's faults. A diamond in the rough if you will.)

    P.S. Some of the screenshots are from the original game, so they aren't that bad.

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    Nice to read more on this, nicely done Raw.

    As I mentioned in your original thread on this port, said I hadn't played it, but hearing the small price tag, and being a mini fan of fighters, this did sound like it could be something I may want to give a try too. And reading this review certainly backs that up. I remember playing Virtua Fighter.... forget which, this does sound rather similiar to what I remember, but that's probably a good thing in my eyes.

    And for some reason I was fully expecting to laugh my ass off at the story, but this actually sounds semi decent haha, well by fighter standards anyway.

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    I got fighting vipers today, loving that so far.
    Just though I'd post that here solely because they are more or less the same game except fighting vipers is cooler because it's not crammed full of sonic recolours.

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    I am not really sure how something like Sonic would translate as a fighting game, however, it certainly looks interesting, I probably won't go out of my way to get it, because if I had a choice, I'd probably sooner get the other Sonic games on the XBLA, however, it was a good read.
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