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    First console I played was a computer that only had green text and the games took like an hour or so to load ^^' I had played the SNES at my cousins/friends house,though after that it was the Sega Megadrive with Sonic 3. First console I bought was 360..and by me I mean I chipped in with my brother xD

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    Quote Originally Posted by Illusion289 View Post
    First console was an NES with duck hunt and super mario bros it was so much fun when i was a kid back then
    same here .

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    My first console was the Sega Megadrive and I believe my first game was Sonic 2.

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    my first was a sega genesis with sonic the hedgehog
    Lets go to Candy Mountain Charlie, yeah Candy Mountain

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    First console was a Playstation 1. I can't remember realy well, but I was playing the Crash Bandicoot games all the time. They were really awesome as a kid. I've tried again a few months back but found them frustrating and repetitive a bit.

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    I didn't start gaming until later, as a hobby, so it was the original Xbox... I think I got Ultimate Spiderman for that! Even before that, though, PC if that counts. Oh, the countless hours wasted on that old computer. Wish it was still as simple as time ago.

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    My first home system was the Atari. But as far as my first game, I can't remember (or even say) what my first game was. When I was given the system for xmas my parents bought maybe 6 games to go along with it. So I don't have a "first game"

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    Mine was a NES. I am not really sure what was my first game on it but I guess it may be a three-in-one-cartridge with Super Mario Bros., Tetris and some Soccer game. I can't even remember when I got it but I think it must have been some christmas.

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    First console my family ever owned was a Sega and we played Sonic the Hedgehog all the time. First console I ever played on was the original Nintendo with Mario Brothers.

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    Mine was the Gameboy and the game was either Mario(not sure which one, but it was old) or Wario(not sure either). Loved both games and completed both though.

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