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    My first console was Nintendo and first game was Double Dribble. I still have both and beat my son who is 14 at it all the time. He always says I put codes in and cheat on him when we play lol! I love the old systems they are great!

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    Ah, the original NES. That gray box with that orange first game was Super Mario Bros/Duck Hunt.

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    My very first console was the NES. My parents bought it for me when I was consistently placing first in my class. They must have regretted their decision because my grades went spiraling down after I got my hands on the games. My NES was built in with a 42-in-one game which included Super Mario, Contra, Load Runner, Bomberman, I've Climber Battle City and many other classics.

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    My first and most favorite console was Nintendo SNES. It was an awesome product because I was just 8-years old back then. We never thought about touch screens or iPads during those times but had unlimited fun. My first game on this console was Contra. Me and my brother will play on it without a break during weekends. I never knew it was made by Nintendo back then, lol.

    I'm more of a PC gamer because my original first game was Prince of Persia and Dangerous Dave on a computer. But, consoles are always on my list of favorite gaming devices.

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    I'll give away my age but my first console was Pong! Yep, that's right. We also got the original Atari while I was living at home.

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    Wow this is going to be pretty tough to remember but I think the first console game that I played was Super Mario Bros. for the NES and the first handheld game I played was Pokemon Blue on the Gameboy Color. That was so long ago that I may be wrong about the first console game I played I know the first console game I owned was Porsche Challenge for the original Playstation.

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    I had an Atari system. The little red button tipped joystick controller, wow what a change from then to our controllers today. I had PacMan and played it so much I was nearly cross-eyed, lol.

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    Atari and Frogger. Man that's old school stuff. They sell them more now then what my parents paid back then. Classic !

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    Since I take it we aren't classing computers as consoles, my first console was a Sega MegaDrive that my dad gave me when he bought a PlayStation.
    First game I ever played was DOOM of memory serves me correctly.


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    This may sound so generic and lame...but I have a special place in my heart for Super Mario RPG for the SNES and Ocarina of Time for the N64. Those two games were staples of my childhood like saturday morning cartoons and Nick at Nite....My brother, my sister, and all of our friends used to take turn playing these single player games and it was almost as fun to just sit around and watch each other explore these worlds as it was to actually play. Just lots of nostalgia there.

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