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    First Console, Micro Genius the Famicom Clone.

    First game, Mario brothers or was it street fighter..
    Good times...

    But looking back to those games now.. I'm like. "Did I really played and enjoyed that?"
    The game industry sure evolved fast.
    Welcome to My Kingdom

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    Sega Mega Drive 2 with robocop game, i was young and unskilled so i never saw 3rd level of this game.

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    Mine was a PS2 with grand turisimo 4 Back in 2005

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    Mine was the Atari 2600. I don't remember exactly which game I owned / played first (the system belonged to my brother, really), but my first memory of gaming is of Mario Bros. Pipes, crabs, POW block, the works.

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    My first console that I owned was a master system and my first game was sonic 1 for master system!

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    My first one was ZX Spectrum, equipped with 128Kb of RAM and improved music synthesizer. In purpose of HDD, a tape recorder was used. ))) At this very first day I've played Loderunner for about 12 hours. When I slept that night, all my dreams were about running figures. )
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