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    What is your first console and game?

    What's the first console and video game you have ever played or owned? Mine was Super Nintendo and Donkey Kong Country.

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    Mine was a Snes with a copy of Super Mario World. Which made us the only house in the neighbourhood to have a Snes at the time, to which we then had about 20 kids all wanting to come in and play. Good times haha.

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    Can you call me Nyteblade YesConsiderably's Avatar
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    The first console i ever owned was the Sega Master System II.

    Considering it had Alex Kidd in Miracle world 'built in' it is a safe bet that was the first game i played.

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    First console Nintendo 64, First game 007 Golden Eye still play it to this very day
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    First console was an NES with duck hunt and super mario bros it was so much fun when i was a kid back then

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    My first console was an Atari 2600 and one of the first games i had was either Pac-Man, Space Invaders or Missile Command.

    My first PC was a ZX Spectrum 48k and my first game on that was Manic Miner


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    Long Gone
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    My first console was a Sega Megadrive (Genesis to people in the US) and my first game was Sonic the Hedgehog (16 Bit).

    My first handheld was a Gameboy and I got Super Mario Land, Mario Land 2, Tetris and Mario and Yoshi at the same time so they're all tied for my first handheld game.

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    Technically the first one I owned was a SNES and a copy of Donkey Kong Country but my friend had let me borrow his NES for nearly 3 years prior to that (When he got the Genesis, he loaned the NES and his collection to me until he moved) and the first game I played on that was Legend of Zelda.

    First handheld was a Pokemon edition GBC with Pokemon Yellow which I won from the Pokemon Snap Contest

    Before any of that though, I was PC gaming starting at age 3
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    First console I owned, as in bought for myself was the Original Xbox, consoles before that were gifts, so first console that was mine through a gift was the Master System II. First gaming machine I played was the Pong computer. Growing up we shared Consoles until the Master Systen II was given to just me. My brothers weren't happy. ^^'

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    First console I had was a Nintendo 64. Though the first ever console I bought with my own money was my latest Xbox 360, considering before that I was at school the rest was gifted on either my birthday or Christmas.

    As for handheld I believe it was the Gameboy in which I played Tetris on haha.

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