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    It is a slow start... but i think it's a much better introduction than that of the original game. It's just let down by its pacing.

    Anyway, it does pick up. I have to say that i find a lot of the humour puerile, but it is still pretty funny in parts. I liked the Tiny Tina side-quest line. I think that's an aspect of the game was much improved over the original. There are self-contained little stories. Very enjoyable.

    The main quest seems to be a bit more explosive and exciting too. I've just finished 'a train to catch'.

    My big complaint is that you have to get to a pretty high level before you can unlock any of the really fun-sounding abilities. I'm playing as the commando, and want rockets for my turret, but having to level up basics like health and shields is causing it to take too long to acquire.

    I like the customisation thing too. I found a head mod that makes my guy look exactly like Woods from Black Ops.
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    I'd say it is worse playing as the Gunzerker when it comes to being spoilt for choice in the abilities aspect. Most of the other characters I can work out which tree I want to go down, and yes they all can take a while, it's pretty simple when I gain a new skill point, what I'll do with it.

    With the Gunzerker however, you really feel like you want basically every skill, in every tree available, and I found myself spending sometimes 10 minutes, trying to decide what to improve him with. That's what I think makes him so fun, because you really can go a whole bunch of different routes with him, where as some of the others you really are best focusing on one more ideal path.

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