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    The game is certainly not a patch on Dead Space 2, but hasn't been ripped to shreds in terms of gameplay and narrative, making it still feel like a Dead Space game, just one that wasn't as polished as it could have been, with some aspects either left very ragged, or overlooked in favour of others.

    As was the case with your reviews of the first two games, really good review here too![/QUOTE]
    yeah , completely right

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    This game was really great. Shame most people didn't like it. Great review nevertheless.

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    Good review, I can't honestly say that I read all of it, simply because I want to keep myself in the dark a little bit regarding the game, however, I did read read your final thoughts. Dead Space 2 was an absolute masterpiece, whereas the first wasn't bad by any means, I need to replay both Dead Space and Dead Space 2 again before moving on though as I don't think I gave either the needed time, especially not the first.
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