View Poll Results: What is the best Retro console ever?

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  • Sega Megadrive

    53 15.77%
  • Sega Mastersystem

    7 2.08%
  • Sega Saturn

    9 2.68%
  • Sega Dreamcast

    16 4.76%
  • SNES

    91 27.08%
  • NES

    38 11.31%
  • N64

    84 25.00%
  • Atari 2600

    7 2.08%
  • Atari 2800

    3 0.89%
  • Other..

    28 8.33%
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    Quote Originally Posted by ParanoidQ View Post
    Commodore 64. Loved that system. Blatently amazing. No questions. You're all obviously stupid if you disagree :P
    Commodore 64 was an immense gaming machine, but it wasn't a console so I guess was discounted for this category, a bit like the Amiga was.

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    1. Super Nintendo
    2. Playstation 1
    3. Nintendo
    4. Sega Genesis
    5. Sega Dreamcast
    6. Sega Saturn
    7. N64

    Of all the systems I own, the SNES is really the best. PS1 is a close second, with games like metal gear solid and re1 and 2. Of all the systems I own, I play the N64 the least. A few great games followed by hundreds of medicore games. I really do enjoy some games on the Saturn and Dreamcast as well.

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    Nobody talked about the sega genesis? It had a pretty good run of games.

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    Whaaattt cant belive more of you did not go for the master system! R-type is my fav all time master system game. I heard you could not get it on PS3 as one of the PS One classics? but cant find it? anyone managed to find it?
    anyway I have found this flash version to keep me going for now. .its so bloody hard! see how you get on. .

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    i have to NES and N64

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    Its too hard to choose between an N64 and a SNES!

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    I went with the Nintendo 64, it's necessary, but I don't feel like jotting down my reasoning for why, let's put it this way, in this era, I still find myself trying very hard to get my hands on the console again.
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    For me, It's a Tie between Sega Genisus, and Sony PlayStation. The PlayStation had 3D graphics, a very good game line-up, games that could hold 700 MB of storage, and not to forget it was the only console that made CD games correctly until the Sega Dreamcast. The Sega Genisus, on the other hand, had an amazing game play, and I gan get the games at $4 a game, and if I buy two, I get one free. F-22 Interceptors' 3D graphics are very close to the quality of starfox'es, so it's similar in graphic ability with the SNES.
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    Despite I had a N64, I have to admit that SNES was the greates retro plataform that ever existed.

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    NEO GEO.../ thread

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