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    Really great game. According to the video, does it use Unreal Engine or something?
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    Quote Originally Posted by schwa View Post
    Really great game. According to the video, does it use Unreal Engine or something?
    BioShock Infinite uses Unreal Engine 3, yes.
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    This is really an awesome game out there.

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    Started this a month ago after finally playing something other than Borderlands 2, the hunt for legendary gear is consuming me.

    But Infinite whilst not a terrible game is just not anywhere near the quality of Bioshock. The gunplay seems worse than the original, fire and you may hit something its very twitchy. The world looks pretty nice from a distance but up close building models and textures are goddamn awful.

    The new powers just dont do it for me and being able to only carry 2 guns is a backward step. For instance you go to an area wishing you had chosen a certain gun for new enemies but the devs must think we are psychic.

    This game could have been a true great but feels somewhat cobbled together, its still a good game but i think you can see why it needed extra dev time.

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