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    Black Ops II Uprising DLC - PS3, 360, P.C - by Arek

    Having played the DLC for the most part of two days I think I've played it enough to actually review it. Uprising is the second of four planned DLC’s for Treyarchs Black Ops II. It features four online maps Magma, Vertigo, Encore & Studio, Studio been a remastered version of Firing Range from Black Ops I, the DLC also includes a new Zombie map based around Alcatraz, Though this DLC does not come with a new weapon like the previous one did. Now before I get into the actual review I’d like to say that this is probably one of, if not the best DLC’s for a Call Of Duty, now saying that it doesn't mean it has nothing wrong with it & deserves a 10, but still, one of the best I've played in a while & maybe altogether.

    “Magma” is set in the Japanese city Kitakyushu, Now when we first saw the map on the trailer you would of thought of it being something like Hydro, where the Magma itself takes over the map and can kill you but instead it doesn't thankfully, instead it is just in the same places at all times which doesn't make it not dangerous considering when you’re in the middle of a gun fight you can accidentally walk into it because you will hardly actually be paying attention to the actually surroundings and more about the gun fight so it still is pretty hazardous. Though the first time actually playing it I didn't like it probably because I played it on Team Deathmatch, which is something it isn't best suited for considering you can be spawned killed quite easily because there are only three routes to take and not many intersections into each route, I’d say that the map is made for more objective game plays like domination, Demolition or Hard point, though Hard point can be somewhat annoying because most of the places it spawns only has a few entry points so when someone has it they can basically keep it for most of the match, though again like I said I didn't like it all that much at first but it does grow on you the more you play it, so the general design of the map is unique & definitely a nice change as a map & doesn't really feel like they've based it off a already created map, which is good considering it quite a few of DLC’s for Call Of Duty they've had one or two maps that have felt like another map when they are meant to feel new.

    Vertigo is a map based on top of a Skyscraper in Mumbai (Much lie Highrise from MW2, even though the design is different is basically has the same concept). The map uses its name in the design having areas where you can jump down from, climb up ladders, go from the roof down into the office like areas etc. Though one thing I do like about is how the map is accustomed to nearly every gun in the game, on the roof you can use the like of Snipers, LMG’s & Assault rifles, whilst when you actually head down into the office type area of the building it is more about close range combat more accustomed to Shotguns, SMG’s & again Assault Rifles. Now the good thing about this map is that it is definitely built for nearly every game mode out there, there isn't really a game mode that the map doesn't suit, it might not be the best one in the DLC pack but it is definitely by no means bad it is still a lot of fun to play & when you see it come up as an option to play as in the lobby it does make you go “Ugh” like a few maps from the original game does (Mainly Yemen & Turbine haha). Though one thing which probably makes all the trickshot people happy is the fact that there is a ladder on the map that people can jump & spin off & probably get quite a few good clips from if they time it right & get lucky, so that’ll definitely get featured in some future montages for people that are interested in stuff like that.

    Encore is set in a Music festival in London, during the loading scene & it areas of the map you can see London off into the distance, though obviously it is a futuristic style of London with a few iconic buildings still existing in it, the map itself is pretty open, for the most part the map is built for close quarter combat so the main guns you’ll most likely see been used are the likes of Assault rifles and SMG’s & Shotguns. This map is probably the most objective based map in the DLC & at the same time is probably the weakest, though that doesn't mean it is bad at all, considering two of the maps in the DLC are pretty much some of the best maps ever featured in a Call of Duty game it’d be hard to have all four maps live up to that status, if anything I’d probably say it is a lot like Grind from the first DLC pack in how open it is & parts of the layout, though saying that the design is completely different & I’d rather play Encore over Grind.

    Now the first thing you’re probably thinking is how can Studio be the best map of the Uprising DLC when it is basically a remastered version of Firing Range from the first Black Ops, well yeah it is a remastered version of Firing Range but it is much better than the original one. This one may have the exact same routes, but everything else is completely different look wise, in part of the map you have a T-Rex smashing through a wall pretty much like Jurassic Park, in another part you have a pirate type movie with actors in boats, you have a Mini city part & then you also have a part where a UFO is crashing into a building, now you have a load more new things that look different in a map but the things I just mentioned are basically the main things that stand out in the Map, now every lobby I've been in that studio has come up in everybody has went straight for Studio, so I must say that even though it is a remastered version of Firing range it is much better & more enjoyable to play, more than what Nuketown 2025 was compared to the original Nuketown.

    Now onto the “Alcatraz” Zombie map, now this is probably going to take some length to talk about everything that is different in this considering well I’d say this is the most they've changed a zombie map from when let’s say they went from the first original map to the others, or too where they added Pack & Punch in on Die Rise (Believe it was that one that Pack a Punch featured in first). So other than the change of Map the next main change you’ll see straight away our the characters, considering Treyarch have went back in time to do this map the characters have changed, you will now take the role of four prisoners from Alcatraz which are Chazz Palminteri, Joe Pantoliano, Michael Madsen & Ray Liotta which if you hadn't already realized are pretty much modeled after actors.

    The first actual big game change you will see when you first start playing the new zombies match is the Afterlife mode that you start in & have to revive a character too be them & start the zombies game, afterlife mode can be used for multiple things, but can only be used once each round. Afterlife mode is used to unlock doors in the game from going through areas that the person themselves can’t go through Afterlife mode can also be used to get the likes of the Wardens key, though probably the second if not the main thing that Afterlife is probably used for is reviving yourself, Afterlife is basically the Quick Revive perk, as soon as you die you go into the spirit form & you have to revive yourself, though it works much more like the who’s who perk from the previous zombies installment though unlike Who’s Who Afterlife mode does not attract zombies & if there seems to be a lot of zombies around you a thing you can do in your afterlife mode is shock the zombies which either kills them or teleports them (Very Counterproductive considering it can teleport them next too another person & basically screw them up & kill them considering they don’t expect it, which I've done quite a few times with a friend on purpose when I couldn't be bothered to play anymore, just shocked them all & they appeared too him & killed him ha.). Though Afterlife mode is on a timer, if you don’t revive yourself in a certain amount of time then you’ll have to rely on your teammates reviving you.

    Considering the game has went back in time they have had to add new guns that can be found on the walls like the Tommy gun, The Uzi & much, much more. The Magic Box itself looks different, it’s basically a chest engulfed in a fire style, Now as for main new weapons you have the likes of a Fire Tomahawk which you get via finding dogs head around the maps & feed zombies too them (You basically just have to kill them & then the hound head sucks them into it) Which you have to find three of before the Tomahawk becomes unlocked, you also have another weapon which works pretty much like Monkey bombs, you shoot a bullet, it sticks too where ever you shot it & it attracts zombies to it & then explodes, which can be very helpful when running around, training or when you have to revive a team mate in a sticky position. Though even though you have went back in time it still includes some new weapons, when I say new I mean modern weapons like the Death Machine, Yes the Death Machine & you can even Pack A Punch it!

    Now I’m going to move onto the Perks, so on this game you have to activate the perks as in turn them on, the way you do this is go into your Afterlife form & do a certain course that then will electrify the Perk & enable you to get it, though with a new sort of Enemy (A big Guy with a Helmet, Looking pretty much like a Warden) can disable it so you have to reactive it. So now onto the new Perk, the Cherry perk, which can be pretty helpful considering every time you reload you get engulfed in electricity protecting you to a certain extent.

    Mob of the Dead also contains something a lot like the Moon map from the last DLC of the First Black Ops game. Like in Moon you started off on Earth & then traveled to the moon, though in this one you start off on Alcatraz, the main part of the game, but too Pack A Punch you have to Travel to the Golden Gate Bridge, Now to do this you have to build a plane & then fly there, which is the Easter egg in the game & by far the easiest Easter egg in a zombies map I've done. Now when you’re on the Bridge you Pack A Punch your guns & then too return you have to wait for the electric chairs too appear (The ones that they used to execute you) & once they have you sit in them & they kill you & return you too Alcatraz, though I say kill you they technically don’t, instead of where you usually lose your perks when you go into Afterlife form you don’t this time & this is the only time you don’t (I say only time but I mean basically every time you use them chairs to get back to Alcatraz it kills you but as long as you revive yourself you get your perks back & points & guns, but if you go into Afterlife mode because a zombie downed you or you done something else other than the chairs then you do lose all your perks). Now you can keep going back to the Golden Gate Bridge, though each time you have to find gas canisters & refuel he plane instead of building it (Keep in mind the main big Warden that appears every now & again can wreck the plane which makes you pay 2000 points to repair, though late game this doesn't matter considering you normally have more than enough points by then anyway). On top of been able to build the plane & go to the Golden Gate Bridge you can also build Acid traps that are pretty handy in killing the zombies.

    As for the Soundtrack for Mob Of The Dead it is pretty good, the random songs playing throughout the game gives it a nice atmosphere & the main Easter Egg song (By Johnny Cash I believe) is definitely a good one even though it isn't like your usual Elena Siegman or Avenged Sevenfold one, still definitely a nice song too listen too though!

    So as a whole the Uprising DLC is really good, like I said at the start of the review it is probably one of the best CoD DLC’s I've played in & long time & is probably one of, if not the best DLC’s that has come out for a Call Of Duty showing that DLC maps can be superior & more likable then the original shipped maps unlike some of the other Call Of Duties, I’d say it is definitely worth the 1200MSP & whatever the price will be for PS3 & PC when it comes out on there,

    Because of all this I’d probably give the DLC a - 9 out of 10.
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    A thing I was going to mention but decided not too cause it wasn't something that would cause problems but was the spelling mistakes treyarch made on the Magma map, either they decided on word playing which I doubt or they spelt the likes of post office wrong in Kanji, used the wrong Kanji sign or rather used a sign with another sign which shouldn't of been used but yeah wasn't exactly worth the mention in a review.

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