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    Sonic Lost Worlds

    A new Sonic Wii U exclusive game is in the works, Sonic Lost Worlds.


    The gameplay looks like a cross between the Modern Sonic gameplay and what they were going for in the cancelled Sega Saturn game Sonic Xtreme. It's looking like it'll be fun, but those new enemies kinda look stupid.

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    I was pretty excited when I saw this trailer at E3. The only problem is that I don't know if and when I will actually get a Wii U. While this game looks like it could be the first good sonic game in what, 10 years? I still don't think sonic can become a system seller. I wish that Sega would put some of its effort into other pieces of the pie.

    I agree that the enemies look kind of stupid. You really can't go wrong with using Dr. Robonik/Eggman. What sega NEEDS to do is make Sonic Adventure 3. That is what sonic fans have been waiting for (and no, Sonic Heros doesn't count).

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    The reviews have been so mixed for this one with some hating it and others loving it. There doesn't seem to be an in-between as far as critics are concerned. The last Sonic game that I enjoyed was Generations, I purchased Sonic IV episode 2 over the holidays last year and was extremely disappointed. It still sits there uncompleted.
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    As someone who was greatly anticipating this game (especially since Sonic Generations was so great!), I can tell you after playing half of it that the reviews were correct.

    The fun moments are just so few-and-far-between thanks to the often-terrible level design that punishes you for, you guessed it, going fast! Going fast in a Sonic game should be rewarding, not a risk each time.

    If I had to give it a great, it'd be a 5/10. It can be fun at times if you really try, but some decisions (like awful bouncing cloud segments) make you wonder who was in charge.

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