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    Borderlands 2: Captain Scarlett & Her Pirate's Booty DLC - Xbox 360, PS3, P.C

    Captain Scarlett & Her Pirate Booty is the first DLC released by Gearbox Software for Borderlands 2, Adding more Main Story Quests (As you would guess), More Side quests, 7 new locations A new Vehicle, New enemies & Bosses, New Currency (Seraphs Crystals) & New weapons (Seraph Weapons). Pretty much every you’d expect from a new DLC.

    Once again like the other DLC’s you start the DLC by fast travelling to an area called Oasis, a town which used to have a lot of water (Would of guessed by the name) but over the years had disappeared, Well was no longer on the surface considering later on you find all that water somewhere else. Once you have entered Oasis & defeated the bandit pirates & the Minor boss you meet the first major character of the DLC, Shade, who now thinks of you as his new BFF, who seems to be a bit on the whacky side, which is easy to tell when you first meet him, that & the fact he has created objects in Oasis & tries to make you think that they are actually real people! After doing a few quests for Shade you then move on areas too Wormwater, where you meet the main character of the DLC, Captain Scarlett herself. Known throughout the land as the Pirate Captain who betrayed he allies, a lot. Now this is where the main fetch & travel quests begin, considering the main story quests she gives is too find the three pieces of the compass & return them too her so she can find out where Captain Blades treasure is. Though a lot of the side-quests you come across definitely keep too the pirate theme like Message in a Bottle, also the side quests where you have to find the X somewhere & dig up the treasures, which I have to admit some of them were actually annoying too find & took some time, which was a good thing, but still annoying. Through Captains Scarlett missions you also meet a new person, probably the least important of the main three, Herbert an old pirate who has a massive obsession over Captain Scarlett, a Dirty one at that, which Captain Scarlett isn’t fond too say the least. So as a whole the DLC story is fun to play even if it isn’t as strong as the ones from the previous game.

    As for the new enemies there is some that have been re-skinned off of some of the enemies from the core game, as you’d expect but there is also a few new ones like the Anchorman who is basically a Brute with a massive anchor (Like the name suggests) which he launches & you & can drag him towards you, there is also the Cursed Pirate who can heal himself when he deals damage, & well Blue Crystaliks, which are basically like the ones from the Core game but blue, well there is also the worms, which is basically a Re-skin of an enemy from the core game, won’t take long to guess which one hah. As for Invincibles there is two, Hyperius & Master Gee, Hyperius is completely alright but I’ll talk about Master Gee in a bit when I talk about the new Seraph Currency & weapons.

    There isn’t much too say on the graphics other than the fact that it keeps up the same level of quality as the core game, which is pretty much what you’d expect. Though now getting into the few things I did dislike. Like I mentioned in the first paragraph about newly added features, Seraph Weapons & Seraph Crystals, whilst it could have been a good idea I honestly didn’t see the point of it, for two reasons. The first one being the fact that the weapons really aren’t that strong at all, I mean most of the weapons you go out & find throughout the main game on true vault hunter mode are stronger, other then maybe the odd weapon & grenade mod. Which okay if Seraph weapons dropped it wouldn’t be that much of a problem, but they don’t, you have to buy them pretty much like you how you buy upgrades from Earl with Eridium. Now again this would have been okay if Seraph Crystals dropped every now & again like Eridium (but maybe not as often) but it does, too obtain the Seraph Crystals you have to kill the raid-bosses, which there is two of them in this game, but the fact is you can only kill each one a day (Started off like that, then they decided to let you kill them as many times as you’d like & then they reverted back to the once a day opton again). Which gives you about 15 seraph Crystals a day, each weapon costs atleast 150, so as you can imagine it would take a good weeks’ worth of killing the Raid bosses to get just ONE weapon. So it was pretty pointless considering they weren’t powerful anyway.

    Another thing which was somewhat annoying, which they have sorted out anyway was with Master Gee, the only viable way of defeating him when the game first came out was either to use Modded weapons, The Evil Smasher exploit (Which has now been patched) or just hide behind the rock after Making Gee suck up one or two worms. Though like I said they have sorted it out & made it easier, his health goes down faster & and a certain point he spawns a shield for himself which you can run in aswell makes you immune from the acid & considering his stupid he walks out of his shield anyway and still losses health.

    Considering I hammered the bad quite a bit it probably makes it seem like a bad DLC, which is isn’t, it’s still fun to play & too explore the new areas, taking on Scarlett which Gearbox have done a good job in making them funny to the extent where it actually works & doesn’t seem like they’ve tried too hard. So even though there are the downsides like I mentioned there are also the upsides which counteract the bad, considering well the bad isn’t all that “Bad” and the main issue of the raid bosses has been sorted out now.

    + New Places to explore
    + Fun New Characters
    + Isn’t too pricey
    - Seraph weapons aren’t worth the hassle of buying
    - Raid Bosses can only be taken on once a day
    - Even though it is a pirate themed DLC, the Fetch this & travel there quests some of them do eventually start to get annoying.

    (Didn’t put the Unbalanced Raid Boss Master Gee in there considering well they’ve sorted him out & made him somewhat easier so no need to mention it as a negative now).

    So all in all the for 10 dollars (or free if you have the season pass) the DLC is definitely worth it, now it’s nothing amazing & doesn’t really compare too that of the previous game (Other than the infamous Underdome DLC) but it is still fun to play & complete. So all in all I’d probably give it and 7/10 & say it’s definitely worth the try.

    Review Written by Deus Ex Machina

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    Love this game, every gun has its own style, funny enemies. I wish it will become best game of the year

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