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    didn't they just find about five? they apparently dumped hundreds of thousands. Not really proof quite yet.
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    They have found several hundred so far. Along with copies of Space Invaders, Missile Command and Centipede apparently. According to the Atari rep who was there, they dumped about 720,000 cartridges into this place. How much of that they will find is a question. More baffling to me, is the deal that was worked out is the documentary team gets to keep 250 cartridges or 10% of the total find depending on which number is greater. The town government is intending to keep the rest and use it to encourage tourism.

    My only question now, is what will it take to get one of these items into my game collection. I don't care how bad they were, to me this was a modern buried treasure hunt of the gaming world and I want a piece of it.
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