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    Look behind you
    Gold. Spent so much time playing that game :')

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    I feel that the best Pokemon games were either Red/Blue or Gold/Silver. The games after that were still very enjoyable but, in my opinion, felt a bit over bloated with features and newer Pokemon I found hard to care so much about.

    I have yet to try out Fire Red/Leaf Green or any of the newer ones, but maybe these games are superior as they might mix the simplicity of the first 150 Pokemon of Red/Blue with the larger feature lists of the later games. The true test will be if the newer versions still include Missingno.

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    Like so many others Red was the first one I had so it's the obvious choice. I've got no idea how many hours and how many pairs of batteries I spent with this game, I still sometimes get the sudden urge to play it!

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    I'm not allowed to say
    I've only ever played one pokemon game- Mystery dungeon.
    So, yeah. That one, I guess
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    I loved the Mystery Dungeon games. I played both Red Rescue Team and Explorers of Time. I can't really say which I enjoyed more, since I don't remember enough of Red Rescue Team to compare it fairly. All I know is that I loved it.

    Since I can't decide if I liked Mystery Dungeon better than this, I'll have to name it as well. Pokémon Colosseum. Like Mystery Dungeon, it's very different from the typical Pokémon adventure game. There's something fun about all the snagging, purifying, and defeating bad guys. Besides, I like my Espeon and Umbreon. Pokémon: Gale of Darkness, the sequel, is fun too. Again, I can't say which one I like more. Gale of Darkness's purifying chamber and its ability to save on the spot makes life much easier though. I don't care much about Pokémon anymore, but I couldn't help taking out Gale of Darkness this week and replaying it. I'm almost done too. Secretly, I must still love Pokémon (excluding this Black & White generation that I've ignored).

    If the question is specific to the regular Pokémon game, then Emerald is my favorite. I played Gold, Yellow, Blue, and Red before it, but I knew I liked the Hoenn region games more when I first played Ruby. Emerald is the best to me because of the way it tied both storylines together. If, years ago, my sister hadn't stuffed Emerald in my GameBoy and rendered it unplayable, I'm sure I would still play it now.

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    Either Red or Silver. Red was the first Pokemon game I ever played, and whenever I play it now it brings back memories of how amazing pokemon was when it was completely new. Silver I really liked, too, if only because it was the first time I saw the Pokemon universe reinvented and revamped. The later generations are also great, but I just don't think there's that memory of 'Wow...this is so ****ing cool and different' for me...

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    Pokemon Sapphire. Mainly because that's the only one out of all the Pokemon games i've got that i've ever completed the Pokedex on! I actually enjoyed that one more though, Ruby was also good.

    I didn't really like the Leaf Green and Fire Red series, although Emerald was good.

    The mystery dungeon and rescue team Pokemon games were quite enjoyable though seeing as they're quite different to the normal Pokemon game setup.

    Quote Originally Posted by Vyse the Legend View Post
    Pokemon Trading Card Game. Ok maybe not, though that actually was a damn great game.
    I used to love that one and completed it! I've not played it since though... Same with the Gameboy Colour pinball Pokemon game, the one that buzzed with batteries in.
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    There are all good, but I think the one that tops the pile is probably Gold. Fresh.


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    Pokemon red. Great throwback thread. I might just install a pokemon game on my computer later tonight...

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    ohhh, i see everyone talking how much of an Awesome game Pokemon is, I haven't played any

    dammit they should make a game for PC

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