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    Is Wii dead for the older generation?

    I'm an exception, I'm 32 but love playing Wii. Though all my friends who are my age play PS2 or Xbox. Is Wii just for the younger generation gamer or is it still alive and well within the oldies?

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    I'm only a year older than you and I have the Wii also. Honestly, I hardly played it. And when I did, it was only for a handful of games. The Wii simply isn't meant for the dedicated gamer. It's mean for the younger people and the older ones that like simple motion games.

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    The Wii is obviously meant to appeal to a younger-audience of gamers with all of the mascot games that it has, however, it's other appeal is continuing with Mario, and Zelda. There is also the fact that it supplies a "fun, and light-hearted" platform for a time that is other-wise dependent on making things as realistic and life-like as possible. These are the elements chosen to make the perfect little girls, BUT PROFESSOR UTONIUM ACCIDENTALLY ADDED AN EXTRA INGREDIENT TO THE CONCOCTION! CHEMICAL X!!
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    The only gamers of the older generation that are still interested in the Wii IMO are mostly those that have an emotional attachment to Nintendo and their first party titles like Mario and Zelda etc. They probably grew up with the NES and SNES and will continue to support Nintendo with the WiiU and whatever they bring out next (as well as all the handheld consoles).
    I went the opposite way with Atari's, Sega's and Sony's so my emotional attachment to Nintendo is zero. I have a Wii but the kids play it and my kids have DS's and a 3DS.

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    The answer to this question is simple - the Wii is basically dead to everyone, no matter how old you are, or how often you play games. Besides I imagine a lot of people would have moved onto the WiiU, especially a lot of 'die-hard' Nintendo fans.

    Still does annoy me a little though when people continue to class the Wii as nothing but a gimmick designed for kids. Honestly if you look past a lot of the rubbish that companies put out on the console, there are plenty of good games that are targeted for anyone, who can be enjoyed by simply gamers.

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    Is the Wii dead? Well in a manner of speaking, yes. Seeing as how the WiiU is out now. I think the better question would be "Is the Wii U dead?" While I still think the answer is "no" and that Nintendo is no where near the end of its span, I think that there really needs to be a change of direction in regards to Nintendo Consoles. Its time to do away with gimmicky controllers and go back to what Nintendo is best known for: great games. Nintendo is trying too hard, IMO, and if they don't go back to basics soon, it will be too late.

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    Sadly Nintendo don't appear to be in any rush to sort out the mess they are digging themselves into each day.

    Though saying that, Nintendo still are making great games, that's one thing they really have never stopped doing, so the problem lies in other departments.

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    The Wii would appeal to the young ones and those that are in their 50s onward. Lol. But For those in between, I think that the PlayStation and the Xbox would suit them well (oh wait, I'm part of those in-between). Also, the Wii is more suitable for casual gamers who just want to have a bloody fun time for short bursts. It's not for those who would play 8 hours a day.

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    My daughter loves her Wii and she is 23. I have played some games on it, but like most people have said I do think it is for the younger gamer. The selection of games is okay, but the other consoles offer more and that is why they are more popular.

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    I don't think so. Xbox and PlayStation games tend to be hardcore. There's games that will have you sitting there, playing for hours on end, sometimes thinking about moral decisions. There's FPS games that some people play all day. Wii games are usually casual. There aren't many intense games. Most Wii games are lighthearted and happy.

    Sure, I like playing games like Skyrim for hours sometimes. But nothing on an Xbox or PlayStation can replace Animal Crossing, a cute game that'll never get old. There's also Super Smash Bros, which I've loved for a long time. The Wii is definitely more suited for younger gamers. However, there's some things on a Wii that I won't find on other consoles. Even if the Xbox and PlayStation are more popular, Wiis are far from dead.

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