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    What Else Do you do on your ps3?

    I watch Youtube from my PS3 all the time. My only complaint is the horrendous looking layout and the difficult navigation and typing with the use of the controller, but I wouldn't consider that a complaint, just me whining. Overall, I find it very convenient since I don't have a PC hooked up to the TV in the entertainment room. I may play games time to time but I don't feel the urge anymore.

    Also, I use it to stream movies from my CPU from the other room, this is extremely convenient to the max, and I'm just glad I don't have to transfer files to hard drives anymore.

    What about you? What else are you doing with your PS3? Remote play, perhaps? (Don't have a Vita, but I heard remote play is awful, is this true?).

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    I'm going to guess a lot of people do a multitude of things, just like I see most of the people on my friends list for the 360. Personally no matter which console it was I only play games. If I wanted to watch tv, I'd use the tv, watch videos or listen to music, use my laptop.

    Don't see the need to touch any of the apps that the consoles offer, which is why when I keep hearing about multimedia this, or entertainment that, I die a little inside each time.

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    I do pretty much everything on my PS3. Games, Apps, PS HOME, watch DVD and Blu Ray. If it's a function of the system, chances are I use it. It wasn't always like that. But the more I started to mess with the system, the more I enjoyed the functions of it.

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    I thank Sony for the introduction of Iplayer. It saves me from logging onto my computer in order to access it.

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    The PS3 player is versatile enough to offer different features including capability to play movies. I used it only to play games and sometimes to see how a new game functioned. The other features may have a bigger role to play only if I didn't have my laptop and PC. I somehow find it easier to adapt to a PC even now just to get the feeling I'm working and not on a game console. I'll get over it. Sony has a way of getting people out of the traditional mold.

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    Play play play. That's all I do on my PS 3. Yes, it's a very powerful and versatile device but I don't use is other features. For my multimedia needs, I just use my netbook and my smartphone. Besides, I don't want to overheat it or something. After playing a game, would I want to watch a dvd with it right after? Of course not. I'll let it rest. Then I'll play some more.

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    98% of the time I only play games on my ps3 but there is a rare 2% that I shall watch coronation street on the STV player (sad I know) but mostly just games for me

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    About 60% games and 40% Netflix

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    most of the time i am busy only in gaming and rest of the in netfixing only.....
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    watching movies

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