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    Usually, I would say yes. But honestly, what they did in the Wii U's case is expand upon Sega's idea of the VMU for the dreamcast. Granted, obviously the Wii U tablet can do countless more than the VMU. But the original thesis actually does belong to Sega.

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    No and i dont think the original did either, in fact i'd say they haven't moved gaming on for decades. They can come up with as many gimmicks as they like but gaming usually involves you know playing games which Nintendo have done nothing of note for a decade or more, they rely on the same sequels that hardly ever change and the rest is just filler shovelware. Sony and Xbox have done far more.

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    Usually, I would say they did.

    But this time, they didn't. The idea of the game pad they're using right now is just a very, VERY advanced version of Sega's VMU idea. Obviously the Wii U is leaps and bounds ahead of that, but the thesis originally belonged to Sega

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    I wouldn't say the the Wii moved gaming forward, it just added a new direction for more casual gamers and families. The Wii U is an extension on that, and the whole tablet integration thing was inevitable and not needed. For example when playing battlefield, will I want to look away from my screen to look at the map/radar on a tablet? No, I will simply hold a button on my pad to get that information. Taking less time and not having to look away from the game.

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    I'll say no. I think they just saw how the smartphone/tablet market was exploding and put their own spin on it. Unfortunately got way too many limitations to complete with real tablets and at home I'd rather play on my TV. I'm sure its good for those with kids etc, but it's a minority.

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    I would say it did but my batteries are dead again in my tabl.....I mean game controller again and I need to preform a human sacrifice to make it work again.

    I think it is a bad design with no game power behind it yet.
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