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    Oh me too, some of my favorite classics were games like Metal Gear Solid/VR Training, (Seriously finished this game about 30 times as a kid) Crash Bandicoot and Driver just to name a few out of the many awesome classics. But yes this guy has no idea what he is on about, the gaming industry has come a very long way since then as well as the quality of new video games and advancements to technology.

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    The only game I'd say has went downhill each generation would be the Final Fantasy Series.

    Each generation does wonders for the majority of games though, just look how far GTA has come.

    I'm loving how cinematic games are becoming, and how plot and narrative is becoming a big part of certain genres, of course we all still love a good platformer though.

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    OMG!! Can't forget my first time playing the first resident evil on the PS1. That first encounter with the zombie still gives me the creeps. hahaz

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