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    The Wonderful 101

    So here we have the Wonderful 101. It's directed and produced by the guys who worked on Viewtiful Joe. It's also a Wii U exclusive (yay!). It actually looks really cool and it is described by Wikipedia as a mass hero action game. Wut. Anyway, since I have been ranting about the lack of games the Wii U has out right now, I thought I should eat a few of my words and show a cool game that is coming out soon. September 15th, I think.

    What are your thoughts?

    Here is a long trailer

    Here is some guy playing it

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    Yeah, I've seen some gameplay footage of The Wonderful 101 and I would say that I'm pretty impressed. Well, the graphics is good. It looks somewhat cartoony but it's full of life. The video shows that a player could control a horde of superheroes with different abilities to whip bad guy butt. For me, it looks like a cross between Marvel Superheroes and Pikmin. This game could definitely generate some interest for the Wii U.
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    There's a demo out, still not got around to play it
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