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    I don't use any myself but I can see why people would use some of them. There are ones that are completely unnecessary to me though, such as a chat pad. A controller and a game are all I need in order to have the most fun with a game.

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    It's true, I mean if I wanted to get a bag of crappy swagg, I'd go to gamescon or E3 or something. It's ridiculous :/

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    I honestly only need a controller. Everything else is obnoxious and only makes gaming less fun. I have the Kinect only because it came with the 360... and I barely use it. It's handy for games like Just Dance that I play with my friends occasionally... but I don't use it daily. I play Skyrim and that's about it now a days. This was my major issue with the Wii... I don't want 12 things to hold a remote. I just want the remote.

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    Ha, agree with lindbergh. Yet, if you want to play with you're friends, (Or make friends) I would suggest getting a mic. Now here's the important part, see what I would do is buy a crappy Wal-Mart one, ( Who cost 15$ ). It's not the best choice, but a cheap accessory that you will actually use. Hope this helped!

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    Mainly depends on the application.

    Flight Joystick for Flight Simulators - of course.
    Xbox 360 Mini-Keyboard Controller Attachment - completely worthless.

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