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    The midget running to power up the world
    New halo game cant wait for the next part in the story the trailers look ace

    I desgin (GFX)

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    Witcher 3
    Starpoint Gemini 2
    Dragon Age 3

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    AC Unity ... I am nervous of hardware requirements :-/

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    Can't really think of any at the moment. But I am hoping for a new addition for the Warcraft RTS franchise. Been playing Warcraft 3 since I was a child.

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    Has anyone here played Need for Madness before?
    It's a car racing game where you win by racing or destroying the other cars. It's pretty epic, especially with the fact, that you can make your own cars and stages to use them in the multiplayer mode, too! Well, this the game, I'm most excited for and I suggest it everyone!
    Here can you play:
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    I'm really excited to Metal Gear Solid V Phantom Pain, Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 and also Grand Theft Auto V is a great game

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