I have all the SSB games and I am pumped for the handheld version. I want to know who you want in the next game. So to express my opinion heres the character that I want to be in the next instalment the most. The mii!

The Mii has been in many games besides the wii sports, wii party, wii play, and..ugh..Wii Music .
Mario Kart Wii and Mario Kart 7 <-- My favorite of the franchise. The mii has also been in Mario super Sluggers, Mario and Sonic at the Olympic games, Wario ware smooth moves, even stepping aside from the mario franchise mii's appear in animal crossing city folk, and sonic colours. Heck, they even appear in dance dance revolution! The list could go on and nether less the mii has a big role in nintendo games. I could even think of its move set, they can use items from wii sports and use them as weapons. I mean like, if nintendo is really putting in the wii fit girl and boy they probably wont have a hard time with this one.

There are also other I want in like Bowser junior, waddle dee, starfy and so many others. Be sure to reply on who you want most in the next game and thanks for clicking on this tread.