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    Quote Originally Posted by McConnaughay View Post
    For that post, Regalsin has become my favorite member.

    However, anything more is excessive and overkill, ... happily go away or create a fresh character, maybe one that talks with a bad British accent, that will rustle the jimmies of a couple members.
    I will admit he got me good. But it's pretty clear I'm easy to troll, so whatever feat of strength he may of gained from trolling me isn't that much at all.

    Anyhoo I did play some more Tropical Freeze, Still loving it. The contrast from Island to Island is shockingly different from the last, which does catch you by surprise.

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    I was talking about the story of Tropical freeze and the over all, theme of the game itself. The last game had tiki masks, and this game had ice based enemies. It follows a pattern, of reptitiveness. With the Kremlings, they had a whole gang, that was broken down into various animals, races, etc. But you never ever ever got to see any enemy with an over all theme until, DK64, where almost every enemy reminded you of the overall enemy.

    Nevermind, the gameplay is nice, the characters are nice, but when you compare it to the original DKC trilogy it is kinda lame. It just felt that this game was rushed out the door. What hurts the most, is while people think it is the musical talent being brought back to the game it going to help it, but it does not. Also how many children have a decent enough size screen to display all of that action as well?
    They are just playing it, without thinking about the display. That is something that also bothers me.

    I did not like the games because it was just slapping together gameplay with an over all theme. Even with "Crash Bandicoot" the games all clicked together but they never abused the over all theme, these games are no different then, "Sonic Adventure 2", "Sonic Adventure 2" and is attempting to wow audience.

    When the Kremlings did their pirate thing, they did not show boat it as much. It was their but they had other operations as well. But my biggest issue with that, is why
    did they take over the island, Kremlings had history, and a base of operations, and then went back to being Kremlings.

    On the topic of Sonic 06, it is playable for many people. Because if it was not, nobody would have finished the game, or even talk about it. The reason why people are mad, is that SEGA loop holed another Princess that is not Sally, and even made two new Hedgehog characters, and said that ring from the original games is a god......that is why people scorn the game itself. The only good thing about this game was Robotnik machines, and his weight loss.

    On the topic of Superman, people did buy the game, and played it like crazy, but this is like teenagers, so they never really had that communications gap. Only a few people knows about the game itself, or really owned it.

    Between These four games ( the other two being the new DKC ), DKC is only playable through trail and error. Take away the DKC and your left with a bunch of lame artifacts that makes no sense. Think about it like this. Frankenstein ( technology ), Pirates ( Thieves home base ), Ancient history ( temples ), Pollution, and then compare it to mystical ( Magical ) masks, ( wiether it be from native Americans, Hawaiians, Africa, South America, Philippines, or some other culture, or even Vikings......just flat out broke Vikings.......I mean ohhhee there goes tot Coca-cola bear, for a second, but Vikings,
    no vendetta with the Kongs, asides that one seal that they befriended, and could spit ice too. Next thing we are going to see it Sufa-Santa-San, or something like that.

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    Tropical Freeze is currently my favorite Wii U game. I beat it and then went back to get every puzzle piece and KONG letter, then I beat the 3 secret levels. I grew up with the original series on SNES so it was just a great nostalgic experience that was also awesome due to the impressive visuals.

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    Tell me this, which is more challenging, the snes games or the Wii games.

    The original games, had better music, better stage design, The characters look an felt more realistic, and everything was spot on. This game has some better effects, but the 3d is lacking, and you can only enjoy the game if you have a television that is big enough. People keep saying the music is auwsome, the way I see it, is the music is basic. They just brought whoever back so they could say "it has great music because this guy worked on it" He was a random guy before, and 98% of the videogame music on the SNES was rehashed from popular music that was played, if not then it was from arcade music. It even had MOD sounds, as well. Plus the SNES compared to newer systems today, had a special SONY chip that gave the sound a unique effect.

    I am sorry I need games that have a greater deep feeling.

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    I absolutely love this game. Probably the best Donkey Kong game in a long time!

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