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Thread: shortage?

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    Really Arek? If anything I've seen Xbone's being reduced, (granted only by a little), than struggling to find one. You can even pick up those Day 1 black models that were gone after the first few days, but are now being sold again, that's how easy they are to find from my experience.

    And you might just be best to wait around for another few weeks CW, unless you can find an ideal store that is still selling a few. If Sony keep to their word, then supply should be pretty plentiful again by the time we reach April, which is ideal timing given that's when more big named titles start coming our way.

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    Yeah some guy was in game and they said they were out of stock until they buy new bundles xD

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    My nearest GAME has an abundance of Xbox Ones and PS4s in stock. Same seems to be the case in ARGOS, and I'd wager ASDA is much the same. Overall the consoles just don't seem to be shifting here.

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