I am on my second play-through of Thief now (on PS4) and am going for the no knockouts/kills trophy.

Bear in mind I have never played the original or any other titles in the series so I am very new to the game and it's plot. I did enjoy the game very much, I am a big fan of stealth games like MGS and Dishonored and this game was right up my alley. I feel it wasn't perfect however, there were some bugs in the game, the most annoying being where Garret wouldn't climb up a rope or ladder but his arms would still be moving, just not ascending up.

The visuals and detail in the game was awesome, but the frame rate issues were very noticeable at times, I felt like it lagged quite a bit now and then. Overall though I enjoyed the game and I hope to see some DLC released, such as some extra client jobs or more Basso jobs, or even a whole new chapter would be cool!