So, I though I'd make a little buyer's guide to the Wii U, by making a list of facts you may or may not know.

1: The Wii U is 100% backwards compatible with the Wii, meaning you can play Wii games, use Wii controllers, the Wii sensor bar, and even the AV component cables.

2: It supports ALL the controllers. For most games you need to use either the gamepad or a Wii U Pro controller as player 1, but for other players in local multiplayer you can use Wii controllers with or without the nunchuch, Wii Classic controllers, Wii Classic Pro controllers, and with an adapter, even GameCube controllers.

3: Several games support 5 player local co-op. In addition to the gamepad, you can connect 4 controllers to the Wii U, which makes it possible to play 5 player co-op in games like Rayman Legends and New Super Mario Brothers U

4: Not all games support off-TV play on the gamepad. Most games fully support playing the entire game using only the gamepad screen, but some games like Lego City Undercover and ZombiU are only possible to play using both screens

5: The Wii U can NOT play DVDs or Blu-Rays. The disk drive in the Wii U is actually not a DVD drive, but a Nintendo Optical Disc drive. The discs used for Wii U games are called WUP-006s, and have a 25GB storage capacity