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Thread: I... was wrong.

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    When I saw Ryse, I was very impressed. Still not sure about the One though. I was in doubt which I was going to get. The PS4 or the One. More and more my eyes starts falling towards the 4. Simply because of the RAM and what the 4 can handle graphic wise. It has more possibilties to some very good next-gen games in the future I think.
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    So far their is nothing on the PS4, that is super impressive. In fact it is time to start a new thread.

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    I went the opposite I was all xbox one before release. I bought one and though hmmm this just doesnt feel right so sold it bought me a ps4 and thought yeah this is the shizzle. soon got bored not gaming with the usual people though and online gaming was with complete strangers now im back on xbox one and playing a hell of a lot more.

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