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    Quote Originally Posted by Cronus View Post

    Owning a PS4 got a whole lot more interesting....
    That's a very cool idea. It's pretty much cloud gaming though (or peer to peer gaming I guess), wonder how well it'll work in practice? It's funny too how little over a year ago one company had a grand vision for locking down all forms of game sharing........and now the industry is going the exact opposite way and encouraging sharing even more!
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    It's basically a not-quite-as-good version of what Microsoft originally wanted to with the Xbox One. The key difference being that you wouldn't have needed a friend to switch his or her console on and set the game up for you.

    Still a pretty cool feature for the PS4, but not something that i'd ever really use as anything more than a means to try out a game a friend has bought that i'm not sure on.

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