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    DS4 controller problem

    I've googled the issue of course, and couldn't find anything that worked, so I figured I'd put it here too. Basically my controller wouldn't connect, so I put it on charge for a while. Still nothing. The light blinks white on it a few times, then goes off. When it's plugged in, it pulses orange, but still nothing. I've tried to reset the controller, I've checked for any system updates, I've tried holding the PS button with the options button, still nothing.
    The weird thing is though, when my ps4's turned off, I can turn it on by pressing the ps button on the controller, then when it turns on, it just won't sync.
    I can use my other controller fine, that one connects no problem, but my other one just won't. I'm lost for ideas.
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    I haven't come across this problem at all, the connectivity between my console and controller has been nothing but flawless since I've had it. That's really weird though that it won't connect yet you can still switch the console on with it. Maybe you could possibly call Sony directly and ask them about it if you can't end up figuring a way to fix it?

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