For about 2 years prior to the Xbox One launch, I had only a silver subscription for Xbox Live as I rarely played my 360, instead devoting my time to PC gaming. When I picked up my Xbox One with Battlefield 4 on launch day I used the 2 week free trial for Xbox Live that comes with the console with the intention of buying a subscription once the trial had expired, however as of right now I still do not have an Xbox Live gold subscription yet still have the ability to join and host a party, download DLC and also play games online such as Battlefield 4 and Titanfall. I've checked my account on the Xbox website and it tells me, sure enough, that I only have a silver subscription. A check of my recent bank transactions also shows no payments being made to Microsoft.

Just to clarify I am in no way complaining about the ability to utilise the benefits of Xbox Live without charge, I am merely inquiring to see if anyone else here has experience this strange occurrence as well, and if so do Microsoft have any right to punish you in terms of suspending your account for something that is obviously a failing on their part?