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    Please, can anyone help me finding out the name of this game??

    First of all, english is not my native language, so I'm sorry if I make mistakes.
    I've been wanting to remember the name of a game that I played a long time ago when I was a kid, in my older cousin's computer I guess, so I don't remember from what console it was.
    All that I remember is that it was a game in wich you played as a short guy, who looked a little like a goblin or something, with a hood, and it could be played 2 player cooperative. Your weapon was a bow. It was a game with several stages, and in the end of each there was a boss, and once again if I'm not mistaken, they were related to the zodiac signs (gemini, cancer etc.). You could sort of fly through the stages, where you faced lots of enemies and could get temporary improvements for your weapon or something like that. That's all the information I can provide, I hope it's enough!!
    Can anybody help me??
    Thank you very much!!

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    Doesn't ring any bells, do you have any other bits of information about it?
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