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    I don't know if you wanna play older games,
    but did you try the series of Final Fantasy? Or maybe you can try with Fable

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    Hi guys,
    could you please sugest me an online game in order to play with friends ?

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    Do you like strategy games like a Ikariam or Ogame? I'm playing with Forge of empires and I'm looking for a mate
    Tell me if you are interested

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    I know that you said you did not want an MMO, but I'd like to contribute Archage which is a sandbox mmo. It features alot more then alot of the other MMORPG's do, like building you own house, town, island, become a pirate, a farmer, a thief, a hero and so much more in this MMO quests are only optional. I'm sorry for adding this but I thought you might want to give it a check.

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    Gothic 1 is still one of my fav RPGs, I re-play it every year:P

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    Hi, I can recommend you to play Metal Gear Solid V Phantom Pain. It's a 3rd person shooter and also open world

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    I just came across this one. It looks like a totally new type of game.

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    Starbound is a sandbox game, you can play it
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    I am about to start playing the new Star Wars the Old Republic online game. Looks like fun.
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    I keep thinking of the F.E.A.R. series. It's paranormal, fps, and mysterious. I'm sure you'll enjoy it.

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