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    Looking for a new game

    Hi guys
    I'm looking for an open world, sandbox PC game :

    -I have played: GTA series, Saints Row series, Mafia 2, Elder Scroll Series, Minecraft, S.T.A.L.K.E.R series, Hellgate London, Fallout series, Mount & Blade, Borderlands series, Batman Arkham series, Infestation: Survivors Stories.
    There's probably more games that I've played but i can't recall them. This might be a bit tricky.
    -Can be in modern times, past or near future. No distant future eg. Star Wars
    -Can be fantasy and/or sci-fi
    -Open world and free roam
    -FPS and/or RPG
    -Good weapon and vehicle selection
    -Possible character development eg. Talent and skill trees.
    -Can be first person or third person
    -Can be set pretty much anywhere apart from Asia (that kind of atmosphere doesn't really swing with me)
    -Zombies are more than welcome
    -NOT an MMO

    Please help me out here.

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    Hey buddy, in my opinion you should go back to mount & blade and destroy those filthy nords and rhodokians.
    If not though, there are a few early access survival games that you might enjoy such as 7 days to die (Zombies included) or The Stomping Land, although the latter is multiplayer only I believe

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    I've played Mount & Blade numerous times and i keep coming back to it every now and then but now is not the time. As i said i would much prefer single player and i really resent early access games. To me they seem like "hey we haven't finished our product yet but play with it anyway, i hope all the bugs and bad performance is not going to put you off"


    I have played 7 days to die before
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    What about Farscape, Mass Effect or Vampire?

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    Yea try Mass Effect and Vampire, also go for Risen and older Gothic series

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    If your into top screen games try nox or dilabo 3

    also blank and white ,

    They is also lots of diffrent skyrim games and Dead rising

    I desgin (GFX)

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    if you find any fun game, please be kind to tell me here. Thanks.

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    I would suggest you "Vampire". I am sure you will like it.

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    Yes, Vampire is a good game, I'm playing like a dependent

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    Have you ever played Rainbow Six Vegas II? It's a FPS, but instead of receive orders you give orders xD for me it's one of the best FPS ever.

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