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    How many years have you been playing MMORPGs?

    Started 8 years ago when I was 14, and when I first came across Conquer Online, it was fun and great. No trashtalking, no spams, mining Dragon Balls, grinding hard to level, etc. But I haven't played it since 2011, and instead I started to play the*Diablo*series, and later Path of Exile. I notice that IGN posted news about Conquer Online's big expansion, adding a new character Lee-Long to the game this year. It kind of piqued my curiosity as to what kind of this class would be like.

    In terms of MMOPRGs, there are several changes that I notice through my playing life.
    1.More and more people tend to use their fragmented time to play games, meaning lesser players spend time on MMOPRGs.
    2.Path of Exile and the Diablo series are still hardcore players' cuppa, and Conquer Online, despite on-and-off playing time, is becoming more of a leisure game with PvP features.

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    If Destiny counts, then about a fortnight. And i'm already bored.

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    26 years, though back then, we called them board games :P

    Video gaming wise, about 17 years. Though back then, MMORPG meant anything where you can get 4 guys in the game room without the 56k modem crying about it. There are only a couple of them I still play today and not regularly. D+D combined with a massive backlog of games I own (88 at least check) kind of ended my desire to branch out too far into that realm. I find they are too much of a double edged sword for many games. On one hand it lets me socialize with other people around the world, on the other hand, trolls can kill gaming fun rather fast.
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    Quote Originally Posted by YesConsiderably View Post
    If Destiny counts, then about a fortnight. And i'm already bored.
    Yeah I wouldn't really count Destiny as an MMO at all, unless they class it as a really stripped down MMO. Considering the max people in one world at a time like the tower is 20 that's hardly massive.

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    I have played WoW for about 5 years ... 2 years ago I've ended with it, but now I'm thinking about returning with new datadisk :-)

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    Well, i've been played Dragon Nest SEA, online MMORPG for around 4 or 5 years. And currently I'm still playing it

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