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    IS the PS4 worth buying???

    Ok so 2015 is finally here and I am having a hard time deciding if I should get a PS4 now or if I should wait a little longer

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    I suggest an Ouya!

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    As with all consoles, the PS4 itself isn't worth buying. You have to account for the games that are already released, and those that will be released in future. If enough of them interest you, then it will be worth it. If they don't, it won't be.

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    i've been thinking about getting one once the Playstation Now comes out. i think its in beta right now, but it should be out soon.
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    It's not yet an essential purchase, but that'll change in the coming months/ years. Just keep your eyes peeled on what's coming out and ask yourself if they're games you would play. If the answer is yes, then I recommend a purchase.

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    It depends on you, if there is any game that interests you,
    what kind of a game you like?

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    I think it worth buying more thant the xbox one

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    I'd wait a while a while to get a PS4. The longer you wait, the better and cheaper the games will get. I didn't get a Xbox 360 until almost 7 years after it came out. Probably wouldn't want to wait that long though.

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    well, according to me playstation 4 is still the best video game console with many games to play. but the decision to buy or not is on you.

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    Wondering the same thing, only have 360 atm, going to upgrade soon but not sure which console I'll get

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