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    Crusader's Quest

    Hey guys... Do you have questions about the game Crusader's Quest? This game is really amazing. I like the rest of the game except the graphics. It runs through a 8-bit mode graphics... Looks like the game super mario during 90's. Well, I made this post for the players of this game for information about the colosseum issues in the game. This post is not a marketing for the game. Thank you so much.

    Let's begin. In Colosseum, you're fighting against real people’s teams controlled by a computer or AI. You'll want to compete in the colosseum whenever you have tickets available, because you can earn valuable honor, meat, and even gems.

    Try to rank up as high as you can in the colosseum, because for each successive rank from Bronze to Master, you'll gain better rewards. Don’t worry about your meat maxing out–it over-heals, so you can have 100 out of 30 meat, for example, to spend at your leisure.

    Note that in Colosseum,
    All damage is decreased by 40%
    HP is increased by 75%
    Armor and resistance are increased by 75%
    All SP generating skills’ effects are decreased by 40% (except when using blocks)
    Both sides have Goddess gauge filled by 1 from the start of the round

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    How can i get more honor aside from quest ? another thing is it possible to give bread, gem and gold to your friend if yes how? thanks!

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    Why this thread is not active?
    I thought there's so many players who also playing CQ?
    Well, maybe not here in this site.. BTW, great game .. Good time waster
    Gaming is not a Crime!

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