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    Do You Agree With Pro Gamers Being Drug Tested?

    Is it fair that Gamers with a Prescription can Use Adderall?

    Unlike with steroids competitors in sports competitions can get a prescription for Adderall from their doctor and still compete. Because many gamers will most likely get an exception it will make people wonder if certain gamers are achieving a competitive advantage or not.

    Many of these gamers probably already do have prescriptions and because of the way ADHD is diagnosed it could mean that some people who donít have ADHD may get their hands on it.

    Adderall gamers cheatingOther sports are a great way to see how the gaming officials will police this sort of behavior. Major League Baseball players such as Chris Davis are examples of people who were given special exemptions to take Adderall.

    The integrity of gaming seems to come down to the future decisions by the governing bodies of video gaming which puts pressure on them to make the right decisions. If gamers cannot use this drug it is expected that they will also be tested for illegal stimulants such as meth and cocaine as well.

    With the advent of new substances hitting the market gamers will inevitably try new stimulant drugs and other ways to increase their focus that are safer options like over the counter nootropic supplements. Read More

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    This is an interesting topic.

    If gaming is to gain more popularity and respect they have to stop doping. No doubt in a lot of tournaments, drugs like adderall give them a much bigger advantage.
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    As far as I know ESL do drug test players after claims that Cloud9 were on adderall for some tournaments in CSGO, but I do think it's fair, using something to enhance your performance where others will not have isn't fair to the integrity of "sport" as it is. It is fair but I don't think THAT many teams/players actually do any PED's.

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