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Thread: PES vs FIFA

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    PES vs FIFA

    Which one is better? Please help me out.

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    Fifa has all the licensing, that's what makes it better, really. I used to really enjoy PES, but they didn't have the license to use a lot of/most club names and tournaments.

    Shame, really. Whenever one game like Fifa dominates all the sales for a sports game, they take the piss and barely bother improving it.
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    Before FIFA09, PES was loads better unfortunately PES2008 was pretty much unplayable online, which is why I switched to FIFA. Since then FIFA has been quite a lot better than PES and it has the added bonus of licenses and more teams. The PES2016 demo was quite good though, not sure if it's going to be as good or better than FIFA but I'm at least thinking about buying it. The FIFA demo comes out next Tuesday, hopefully they've fixed the problems from current FIFA.

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    PES is a no go, simply because i'm lazy and don't want to have to change names of the team... I like my games official.

    FIFA 16 is better than 15 although a same is virtually everyday. Its harder to score, keepers and defenders are better though so that's the main thing. I dunno its not worth the money for the update changes wise, and the music is god awful this year... but its fun online with mates and one of the few games you can play on a sofa with a friend (love drinking FIFA) that isn't split screen so I have to buy it, they have me by the stones.

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    I loved fifa till 2002. After that god, the controls, got SO COMPLICATED! In 2014 i tried PES but no not for me. I prefear fifa series so much more.

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