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    Call of Duty League

    Hello everyone,

    I will soon be starting a call of duty: advanced warfare league exclusively on PS4 and I wanted to gather some information from other gamers and players. I will give a quick overview of the league and have some questions under that. If anyone can toss there input in it would be greatly appreciated.

    -1 coach per team
    -8 teams per league
    -7 weeks regular season and playoffs
    -leagues broken down by age group
    -3v3 teams
    -1 match (best of 3) per week
    -matches streamed on Twitch
    -Trophies given out
    -Possible cash

    We will soon be looking for coaches as well but we are still in the early stages.

    Our questions;
    1. How much would you pay to join this league? (Keep in mind you get a coach, twitch recognition, trophies, possible cash)
    2. Do you like the leagues broken down by age groups?
    3. Do you have parents/guardians that don't take gaming seriously? (Now may be your chance to show this is the real deal)

    Any additional comments on this would be awesome! Thanks everyone.
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