ast night after completing Brothers in Arms - skellige, the double tap to call Roach did not work. Now I could just reload and see if that helps, but during the quest, I found the armory, found the hut with the monstors etc., but the troll cave just upped and disapeared. Now perhaps that is down to time or something, but I had the sense that throughout the remainder after leaving the cave, it was glitching. All of a sudden, the entire location marker for hjalmar just upped and disappeared as well. I had to use an educated guess to find him.

The giant quest was fine, but after completion that was when the horse issue arrised. Has anybody else had this, or anything like it? I am hopeful that maybe returning to Roach may solve it. The horse might be stuck or something. If there is a glitch, it is likely the auto-saves are effected and I saved the game after killing the giant. I did the Cerys one and finished that off as well. Anyone?