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    What's the name of that horror game I'm looking for?

    I bought an Xbox one a couple of months ago, and being a horror fan I immediately got the Evil Within to play on it. Certainly an impressive and scary game, and it's whetted my appetite for more xbox one horror.
    I can remember seeing a feature on a game shown on BBC technology a few months back - it was an xbox one horror, looked like first person perspective, video of the game showed from the players perspective - someone walking around the interior of a dark house, with just a torch to guide them, slowly pushing doors open. Looked very realistic. BBC technology said that it was a haunted house type game, and looking at the graphics it reminded me of the paranormal activity films. I'm not even sure if it's been released yet, but anyone have any idea which game this is? Really hoping to buy it (or ask for it for xmas!)

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    The first thing that comes to mind is either Outlast or Daylight, both have you walking around creepy buildings in a first person perspective. They've both been out for a while though, so if it's a game that's not out yet I unfortunately have no idea.

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