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    connection settings

    Hi guys, have a question about the XOne system. Does the Xone have dedicated servers, and does it have any settions you can change, as far as putting you in lobbies with good net connections.? For instance, we all know the 360 used the P2P system, and had (even worse now) the most un-even matched lobbies due to Lag, or connection isues due to other peoples high ping/ Latency problems.. Bottom line is the online gameplay any better for 1st person shooters? Woulkd have been nice if MS implemented a speed/ping test to each players connection as they signed in to live, and matched them only to very similar players...I would much rather have a player field of 30k, with good net, than to have a field of 250k, and most of them on crappy net..

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    Seems i know the answer to this question. Acti/Trey will not implement dedicated servers for BO3, even on the new Xbox one system. As they know enough people will buy the game, they will not spend the money to bring you btter online gameplay. So when you get that shiny new BO3 game, be ready to Biotch & Moan about the same old laggy Player hosted games, as it did in BO2...If you dont believe me, Ask Acti/Trey on FB, you wont get a response, as this subject is avoided like the plague, as it might hurt sales...So for me, Pee on BO3, i'll go back to Halo 5..

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    Finally got a response from Activison, but it was the exact response i expected.. Here it is, verbatin from their FB page.

    Activision: Hi Lee, unfortunately, we do not have any official information on this matter yet. Please hang tight for any updates! Our apologies.
    Me: The COD series has been around for years, and the Newest, BO3 will be on the shelves Nov. 6, and you dont have any "Official" info.? You guys must be related to Hillary Clinton....If you cant tell the truth, avoid the question.....But please enlighten me as to what your apologizing for? The fact that Activision doesn't have a clue as to what the company has, as far as servers, Or for the fact you plainly do not want to answer the question?

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