Dark Matter eSports' First Online League of Legends Tournament: Seeking feedback, publicity, rabble, and friends! Nov 6-7

Hello All, My name is Paul and I have been working very hard with some friends over the past few months to organize a series of online/in- person video game tournaments across multiple titles. This November we are organizing an online League of Legends tournament with $500 worth of prizes, that will be awarded to 5 out of a maximum of 16 teams.
We are seeking several items from the Games Forum community:
Constructive feedback on how the prize pool appears
General concerns that players may have about signing up
Some of your favorite competitive games
Players who would like to sign up, or let us know that they are thinking about it

The prize pool is as follows:
1st Place: 4600RP, 3 Month Subscription to Loot Crate, Triumphant Ryze
2nd Place: 4200RP, $10.00 off your next DMe Tournament Fee
3rd Place: 2260RP
4th Place: 1050RP
5th Place: 4 win IP Boost

To enter the tournament, teams can purchase digital tickets at $10 dollars a player on our website registration page: http://darkmatteresports.com/register/ If you purchase digital tickets, please have the team captain send an email to darkmesports@gmail.com stating the team name, and summoner names for each team member. Entry for a 5 person team totals $50.00, and for teams of 6+ total $60.00+. We accept subs as well, and subs will receive the same rewards as their winning team. We are brand new to the organized competitive scene, so this tournament is open to all ELO's. So remember, we like feedback, we like participation, but most importantly we like those who "speak friend, and enter". Thanks! -Paul "Pluto_Rage" Facebook: www.facebook.com/DarkMattereSports Website: www.darkmatteresports.com