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    How do I fix this???

    i have installed crysis 1 on my pc, but i deleted its setup after installation, now i want to play crysis on my other pc, as i dont have the setup, i just copied the game files to my other pc, but the game is not working, it just doesn't start saying ''unfortunately crysis has stopped working''. Both of my pc's are running windows 7 64 bit..and i cant download it again due to my internet speed...thnx

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    Hello Kakarott38. Unfortunately you can't just copy a program across from one PC to another like that. It can work in some cases but these are normally smaller less demanding games/programs. A title like Crysis (great game) will not only create a program file for itself, it will add data to the computer registry, .dll files to your windows system folder and even folders in your documents to control saves and game settings. The only way to guarantee it works and runs properly is to download the setup file (or save it from the recycling bin) again and do a proper install.

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