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    Your thoughts on VR

    I finally got to try out an HTC Vive today and I had an absolute blast. I only played around in The Lab a little bit and mostly played the archery game and it just pretty much felt like I was there actually aiming a bow. I didn't even once think about how silly I looked to all the other people in the store, I was completely into it.

    I might start saving up for one, but I'm sure there will be a new iteration before I can ever afford one. I am however planning on buying a Samsung Gear VR though as I've heard that's it a pretty good introduction to VR, and you can get them pretty cheap used.

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    I'm considering picking up Playstation VR when it drops. The RE7 demo convinced me that true survival horror isn't dead yet, and experiencing that through VR might be the single greatest thing ever.

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    And same Eclair, think I'll buy the VR, problem is, iirc there won't be copious amounts for sale on release, and I don't wanna buy it until I see reviews first and make sure it's not complete trash.
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