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    What MARVEL series should TELLTALE choose?

    Telltale Games, known for The Walking Dead, The (excellent) Wolf Among Us, and various others, has been revealed to be adapting a Marvel video-game, kinda like what they're doing with Batman. The title hasn't been revealed yet though, which leaves a lot of speculation to be had. Which would you like to see? I think we can count out Spider-Man, what, with Naughty Dog adapting a video-game for them, and so, I think this would be a terrific opportunity to either work on a new property or expand on one that hasn't been done to death. A Guardians of the Galaxy game seems like it would absolutely be in Telltale's wheelhouse, what does everyone else think on this?
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    I would like to see the avenger, I like the movies and I think it would be a good telltale game

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