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    New President in America

    Good Evening Everyone!!

    Just wondering what everyones opinion on the next president of the USA. I currently live in the Boston area of Massachusetts and my facebook is loaded with political posts from people who have done no research on the standings and views of the new administration.

    Also very interested in hearing what people from other countries think!

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    Speaking as a non-American, the thing that worries me the most is that pretty much the whole rest of the world views him as a joke. Him running in the first place was a joke, his entire campaign was a joke. Him actually becoming president is the very un-funny punchline to said joke.

    I am not gonna speak about his views and standings, because I know very little about the subject, but my opinion is that the man himself is a tremendous douchebag that has suddenly been giving a frightening amount of power.

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    I still don't know how people vote for the obviously wrong option so frequently.

    Trump and Brexit in the same year.

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