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    The Xbox One is actually pretty cool

    So my fiancee got me an Xbox One S as an early birthday present, which we were gonna mostly use as a 4K blu-ray player (it's actually the cheapest 4K blu-ray player on the marked right now), but I'm liking it more than I expected as a gaming machine as well. It needs to be said that I'm an unashamed PC gaming elitist, and have poured a lot of money into my PC. I will say that I still prefer playing on the PC, but I'm having a lot of fun with the few games I've played so far. I though the low framerate would feel unplayable, but for most games it's completely fine. Sunset Overdrive is probably the most fun I've had in a game in a long time, Halo 5 feels surprisingly smooth, and Assassin's Creed Syndicate is perfectly fine. Saints Row 4 is a whole other story. It runs shockingly poorly for what is basically just an up-rezzed 360 game. The framerate is awful and the game doesn't look a whole lot better that the previous gen. Terrible port, I would be mad if it had not been 75% off.

    In all, I like my new Xbox One a lot better than my PS4. For starters, the battery life of the DualShock4 is a joke at around 3-4 hours in my experience. Xbox One batteries will last for days. I'm also really excited about collecting achievements again. I used to be totally hooked on it back in the 360 days, and Trophies on PS4 was never the same. I also like the interface better on the One, though I will admit that some menus are easier to navigate on the PS4.

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    Yeah the X1 has some great features, I don't find the exclusives better though, as most games on that system are multi-platform. I do agree with the battery power, plus you've got the choice to use normal batteries too. The group system is great aswell, Gold sharing, and the external hardrive option vis the USB, Ps4 is only adding that feature now, which totally shocked me.

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